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SQL Data Base Data Recovery:

database recovery


Computer Science Labs are expert in recovering data from most Server Data Base Set-ups: Our File Defragmentation Technique (FDT) Service has been developed specifically for MS SQL and is our most popular application.

It allows us to retrieve accidentally deleted MS SQL files (*.mdf files) and/or tables from different scenarios.

  • Retrieval of accidentally deleted databases

  • Retrieval of missing content from a database file

  • Recovery of corrupted or lost databases caused by power failure and/or system crashes (especially from RAID systems)

  • Recovery of damaged backup files (*.bak) where MDF file no longer exists

  • Recovery of NDF file where required

SQL Database Fragmented Files.

A database file is a data storage centre that consists of an organised collection of data for one or multiple users. The size of this data centre grows as the users gradually introduce new data into it. When a database file is first created, the operating system will assign an area of the hard disk or RAID large enough to store this file. Due to the nature of the database, this initial area will not be large enough for the gradually rising amount of data. The operating system will then assign a new area to store the new data belonging to the database. Obviously, this operation will be continued as typically, the user(s) are adding to the database every day. As a result, file fragments are generated.

Rebuild lost SQL files.

Our FDT provides an alternative to conventional SQL Recovery applications which are useful only to repair an existing damaged SQL file (*.mdf file). Unlike our FDT service, these applications are not able to defragment and to rebuild a lost SQL file.

File Defragmentation Technology (FDT)

Conventional SQL Recovery Software

Based on fragmented file allocation

Relies on continuous file allocation

Based on MDF page header and MDF fragment header

Based on file header alone

SQL database repair based on full fragment collection from a physical device

Not able to retrieve data from a deleted SQL database.

Database reconstruction based on a set of comprehensive MDF page IDs.

Database structure repair based on available data in MDF file.

we are experts in dealing with:

Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, PostgreSQL, MySQL, FoxPro, and SQLite
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