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Mobile Phone Data Recovery Services.

Mobile Phones Repair and Recovery i Pad Tablet Repair and Data Recoverywater damaged mobile phone repair

Computer Science Labs Mobile Phone Data Recovery Services rescue, files, folders, pics, contacts and more from damaged and faulty Mobile Phones and Tablets.

Screen damaged, water damaged and electrical power damaged phones are stripped down to their circuit board components and your data retrieved from otherwise inaccessible storage devices such as memory chips.

Water Damaged Phones and Tablets.

With water contaminated devices we are able to clean the surfaces of electronic printed circuit boards using specialist baths and fluids and then subsequently re-power and extract valuable data.

Mobile Phone Repair.

Computer Science Labs have developed several approaches to examining damaged mobile phones and tablets.

In the majority of cases it is not necessary to de-solder memory chips, there are simpler solutions to extracting data from damaged mobile devices.

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The most common defect in mobile devices received for forensic examination is a broken display.

To examine mobile devices with a broken display, Computer Science Labs techs use UFED (Cellebrite Mobile Synchronization LTD) and .XRY (Micro Systemation).

in the process we will create a physical memory dump of the mobile device and extract the stored data ( phone book, calls, SMS messages, pictures, videos, etc.) from it.

It is sometimes necessary to produce a memory dump of a mobile device. In these cases we perform a logical extraction of data using a number of forensic programs tailored to mobile device analysis such as Oxygen Forensic Suite (Oxygen Software Company).

It is always possible to replace a damaged display with a new one. However where the phone itself has no intrinsic value this makes the examination more expensive and time-consuming. It is however often the only practical solution possible (for example, when examining an Android device with the USB debugging option disabled).

Our Labs will in some cases use specific what are termed "flasher tools" (RIFF Box, Medusa Box, etc.) designed for repairing mobile devices. Such flasher tools use JTAG interface for their work. Using specialized flasher tools, you can extract data from mobile devices which have damaged system software or information protected with a PIN.

Chip Swapping.

We will on odd occasions dismount a memory chip from a damaged mobile device and re-apply this to an identical good (donor) device. In doing so, you solve several complex problems which would have to be faced should you decide to use a “Chip-Off” technique:

The drawbacks of the method include the need for a device (preferably two devices) which is identical to the one received for examination. De-soldering a chip is a very complex and laborious task. There is a risk of destroying data due to heat or mechanical damage to the chip.

You may also need equipment for re-balling. For example, JOVY SYSTEMS JV-RKC – a kit for re-balling BGA chips.

There is a possibility that when using this method all the data on the memory chip will be erased. This often happens when a memory chip controller is installed on the system board as a separate chip. The board looks like a sandwich: on the one side of the system board there is a memory chip, on the other – a memory controller chip. The two identical devices which you can use as “donors”, try to swap their memory chips and look at the device behaviour before examining the device.

In cases where there is a possibility that memory chip swapping results in data loss, we place both the memory chip and the memory chip controller from the damaged device into the donor device.

Our last resort to extracting data from a mobile phone or tablet “ Chip-Off “ which involves four main steps:

1) Chip extraction.
2) Extracting data from the memory chip.
3) Flash translation layer (FTL) reconstruction.
4) Dump decoding.

Chip extraction.

Chip extraction is a rather simple task: it is sufficient to heat the chip with a hot air stream from a soldering station and separate the chip from the system board. It is very important not to overheat the chip (this will result in data erasure) and damage it mechanically. Gradually raise the temperature of the hot air until the solder flows.

Extracting data from the memory chip.

In this case you will need a solution for the memory chip not the mobile phone model as many mobile phones use the same memory chip types. (In some cases phones will use several memory chips.)

To undertake this process we use a “flasher tool” and a adapter specific for the BGA chip form factor.
A good flasher tool with a large number of adapters for various form factors of BGA chips can be cost prohibitive and in some cases we will lease this from a third party specializing in electronics repair.

Other options include EPOS FlashExtractor, from the Ukrainian company EPOS, and PC-3000 Flash, from the Russian company ACE Lab. These equipment kits contain adapters for connecting memory chips of various form factors. But involve soldering the chips in adapters provided by EPOS and ACE Lab which is inefficient and a messy procedure

Flash Translation Layer (FTL) reconstruction.

FTL reconstruction consists in excluding service areas from memory pages and joining these pages correctly.

Our Labs use EPOS FlashExtractor (EPOS) and PC-3000 Flash (ACE Lab) to perform FTL reconstruction manually, They have large knowledge base concerning data structures in various types of memory chips and about various controllers used to manage data stored on the chips.

Data Dump Decoding.

Dump decoding is complex and needs skilled and trained technicians to undertake the work. Basics training courses are available from Cellebrite Mobile Synchronization ltd.,

Tools available for the decoding process are available from XRY (Micro Systemation, UFED Physical Analyzer (Cellebrite Mobile Synchronization LTD)
UFED Physical Analyzer (Cellebrite Mobile Synchronization LTD) is particularly useful in , processing a physical dump and customising the results.

RevEnge (Sanderson Forensics), Phone Image Carver (GetData Pty Ltd), Cell Phone Analyzer (BKForensics).

Faulty; i-phone, HTC, Samsung, Nokia, Sony , Siemens, LG, Microsoft, Ericsson, Sharp, O2 , Vodafone and many more.

Do you need a mobile phone repair? Why not call our help line, We carry out a considerable number of mobile phone repairs each day – and we can assist with yours too..

We can recover data from all types of mobile device including:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Memory cards- SD, MicroSD, MMC.
  • Sat Nav & GPS devices
  • Phones with Chinese chipsets
  • 3G Modems
  • Portable music players, iPods, MP3 players.

  • The type of data we can extract includes:

  • Handset info and SIM-card data
  • Contact info
  • Incoming/Outgoing/Missed Call Logs
  • SMS and MMS messages(including deleted)
  • Email
  • Apps (WhatsApp, Kik, Tango, chat etc.)
  • Calendar events.
  • Tasks
  • Text notes
  • Photos (live and deleted)
  • Videos (live and deleted)
  • Audio (voice mail,audio notes etc)
  • Full file system from phone memory and flash cards
  • GPRS and Wi-Fi activity giving locations (‘cell site analysis’)

  • In most cases we are able to recover all the available data stored in a device. Typically this is performed by bypassing the operating system and accesses discrete storage components from the device. Usually a two stage process:

  • Initial ‘capture’ whereby the raw data is recovered from the device.
  • Subsequent ‘decode’ – to reconstruct the data structure such as a deleted SMS.

  • We present the data extracted in a clear and meaningful way, so you can quickly and easily understand and identify the data you need.

    Returning your files, folders and pics:

    Computer Science Labs recover folders, contacts, pics and music files from faulty, damaged and not working mobile phones. Our Mobile Phone and Tablet Services are normally completed within 5 working days. Your data can be made available to you on a memory stick or we can transfer your data to another mobile device.

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