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Fitbit Evidence Data Recovery

fitbit data recovery

Wearable technology use such as Fitbit and Garmin is showing an exponential rise in growth and shows no signs of slowing down. The most popular type of wearable technology is a Fitness band. These devices have the potential to show a user's activity levels, well-being indicators and location data. Such information is of obvious value to digital forensic practitioners and are only a few of the categories involved in what could be a trail of evidence that fitness bands can store.

Wearables can be of value in civil matters such as claims for compensation following serious injury or in criminal matters where the wearer is the subject of a murder inquiry.

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Fitbit Evidence Data Extraction

Computer Science Labs have successfully rescued evidence data from a number of wearable device types in technologically challenging circumstances.

Evidence Continuity

The first imperative is to isolate the device data storage technology from update and change. This involves careful research and examination of schematic "strip down" diagrams. Developing means of probe access to the data storage elements.

Removing power inputs, clocks and transducers and implementing read clocking that facilitates a data copy of the stored data to be undertaken over the serial data line, to alternative storage media. To implement this read event for a second time.

Evidence Accuracy

The veracity of the procedures is tested by creating a unique hash signature for each data dump that bears testimony to the accuracy of the procedures undertaken.

Evidence Preservation

Preservation of the seized evidence item is essential and is challenging in its own right and may not be achievable in perpetuity.

Evidence Viewing and Investigation.

The data primitives are then presented in a format that can be understood and examined such as a spreadsheet.
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