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Memory Stick Recovery:

SAN Disk

USB storage devices are cheap and reliable, however being relatively small and often of poor construction means these devices are susceptible to damage and failure. Here at Computer Science Labs we have the specialists tools and test gear to service and recover data from all major types and capacity of memory stick:

Sandisk, Lexar, Sony, Kingston, Toshiba, Integral, Busbi, LG, Transcend, Corsair, Videk, Dane-elec.

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Faults are generally due to PCB component failure , broken USB interface connector or poor construction.

*We have a lot of experience where a repair and recovery has been abortive because attempts have been made to re-solder broken connectors using a standard soldering iron.

Multilayer printed circuit board copper tracks are so thin that they literally disintegrate under the heat of a normal soldering iron.

Data recovery involves tracing electronic signals using a HF digital oscilloscope and replacing / repairing the faulty component with the aid of specialist surface mount soldering and de-soldering equipment.

USB Flash drives are prone to failures of many types leading to increasing instances of loss of valuable data. The easily portable nature of these devices mean they are vulnerable to physical damage from being dropped, crushed or suffering other traumas as a result of everyday life.

Damaged and bent connectors are THE most common failure type submitted to the Datlabs data recovery service. Data recovery is possible by de-soldering and removing the memory chip from the PCB and subsequently using a dedicated memory chip reader to transfer the stored data to another device. The chip being handled in an ESD compliant workshop environment.

Common symptoms of failures range from:

◾Being totally unresponsive and not detected by the PC.
◾Being detected by the PC but with a message reporting "USB Device not Recognized.
◾Detected by the PC, but with 0 Bytes capacity.
◾Detected by the PC but with no access to the files stored.

In all these cases Computer science Labs have applications, tools and test equipment that can successfully recover the data.
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