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  Seagate Hard Drive Data Recovery.

Seagate Barracuda HDD

Computer Science Labs recovers data from faulty Seagate hard disk drives. We quote competitive prices and have service levels (turn-around times) to suite the majority of customers. Our standard offering is a no data - no fee service with over-night emergency data recovery support available on request.

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Seagate hard drives fail for many different reasons, below are just a few of the failure conditions we encounter each day.

HDD Mechanical Failure.

Faulty Seagate hard disk drives that exhibit symptoms of clicking or buzzing sounds will generally be diagnosed by our technical team as having a read write head assembly failure, particularly when the hard disk drive has been accidentally knocked or dropped. Under these circumstances we encourage you to power off the device immediately as this will avoid the potential of irreparable damage to the magnetic recording media that coats the platter surfaces.

If you hear untypical noises from your hard disk drive give our help desk a call and talk to our technical team who will be happy to discuss your options involved in recovering your data, the costs you will incur and our turnaround times.

Whatever the fault we have clean air facilities and anti-static workshops equipped with all the latest tools and test gear not to mention an experienced team of data recovery professionals dedicated to reuniting you with your lost data.

HDD Firmware Failure

Hard disk drive firmware is a term that refers to the operating code and parameters that manage the efficient operation of Seagate hard disk drive products. As you would expect for a product that have been on the market in its current form for many years, there is a lot of similarity evident in this code. In all cases however the firmware code for a particular product is unique and not transferable between variants.

Seagate hard disk drive firmware failure is detected or diagnosed using specialist test equipment. From time to time this firmware can become corrupted, damaged or become inaccessible and as a result hard drive users are unable to access data stored on the drive recording media.

If your drive sounds as it should and isn’t recognised then it may just be suffering from a firmware failure. If your device is recognized by a unusual capacity, is intermittent or you have recently updated the firmware but cannot access any data then this is a indication for firmware failure.

Corrupt Seagate hard disk drive firmware can only be rectified using equipment that has the capability to communicate with areas of the code restricted in manufacture. Here at Computer Science Labs we have all the tools and experience you require to overcome firmware failure and recover your data.

HDD Platter Recording Media.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) media problems usually become evident in the form of bad data reads from formatted areas of the recording media termed sectors. These bad reads are caused by a degraded magnetic response from the media, read write head positioning or general wear and tear. Hard disk drive firmware manages bad sector reads by repeating its processes and on success re-allocating this data to other areas of the drive whilst marking the bad sector as “not for use.” Symptomatic of this problem is a slow response during normal operation.

Typical bad sector symptoms are; slow operation such as long boot process, partial data access, blue screen of death and boot looping. If you still have access, it is recommended that you back up the data from your Seagate hard drive as soon as possible, if you cannot establish access then please get in touch, our technicians are on hand to advise.

Seagate HDD Data Recovery Service

We offer a free collection service or local drop off and provide a free, no obligation quotation. Once data recovery is completed you confirm the data we have recovered is acceptable by inspecting our file-list and only then do you pay the agreed amount, no hidden costs or upfront payment.

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