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External Hard Drive Data Recovery.

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Priority Service

•One to five days turnround time.
•No Diagnosis fee.
•free courier collect on your behalf
•Data returned on external drive

Standard Service:

•Five to ten days turnround time.
•No Diagnosis fee.
•Free courier collect
•Data returned on external drive

Economy Service-for the Budget Minded

•Up to four weeks turnround time.
•No Diagnosis fee.
•You pay in-bound shipping
•Data returned on external drive.

For Assistance and Current Prices:

CALL: 0871 231 6806

External Hard Drive Failures.

External Hard Drives comprise a standard Hard Drive with a SATA / IDE to USB interface adapter, flashing lights and a case. They provide the user with an additional and portable storage facility for their data.

Dropped External Hard Drive.

While their portability is useful, external hard disks are more likely to be dropped and sustain damage as a consequence. The damage can involve the case or the hard drive.

Broken and Damaged USB connector.

This is extremely common, users pull or trip over cables resulting in connectors becoming bent, damaged or detached from the native circuit board. Repairs are possible but require dedicated hot air solder stations and specialist procedures that ensure permanent damage to the multi-layer circuit board is avoided due to excessive heat.

Clicking External Hard Drive.

Although current external hard drives have drop protection designed in, devices will still sustain damage as a result of being dropped. (Murphy’s law QED.) A dropped or knocked hard disk drive will generally present with a defined sharp clicking noise. This is a result of the read write head actuator moving to an indexed position co-ordinate under the control of the operating system at which it fails to read expected data and then returns sharply to a home position. The operating system disappointed at this poor response will initiate a number of retries the result of which is a continual clicking sound. If the external hard drive has been dropped its delicate read write head assembly will generally become damaged and fail to read data.

Computer Science Labs provide expert assistance, repair and data recovery services for all hard disk makes, manufacturer types and models. We serve Individulas and Businesses and offer a friendly , fast and efficient turn around to re-unite you with your data files, music, photos , precious memories or vital business records and contacts.
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