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Data Recovery Services.

Data Recovery

Computer Science Labs provides an exceptional Data Recovery Service, We recover data from faulty Hard Drives, External Hard Drives, Laptop and Desktop computer hard drives. We specialize in the recovery and restoration of data files and folders from failed and crashed Server, NAS and RAID configured systems.

We have developed advanced data recovery methods and procedures for recovering data from Mobile Phones, Vehicle Data Recorders, Tablets, multiplexed camera CCTV systems. We provide a range of service options including remote access for customers whose system is working but their data cannot be seen or accessed.

We are on call and on message to our clients:-

  • Individuals.
  • Businesses.
  • IT Professionals.
  • Security Companies.
  • Public and Private sector.

    If you need truly professional, friendly help and assistance with your failed Storage Device or Computer System at REASONABLE PRICES and need Technical Support then contact our help line direct.

    CALL: 0871 231 6806

    Data Recovery Developments:

    We undertake Research and Development at the cutting edge of Data Storage and Data Recovery Technology. New patterned media, nanotechnology, advanced digital signal processing and Solid State Devices are current projects.

    We collaborate with the University of Manchester and other industry players in the development of products and services such as fast Hard Disk re-programmers, imaging equipment, multi-platter replacement and RAID System data analysis plus many others.

    We provide Tech Support, Lab and Onsite Services, Equipment, Tools, Test Gear and Proficiency Training programmes to facilitate the retrieval and recovery of data from failed Computer Hard Disk Drives, Flash Memory, USB devices, Tape Storage, Mobile Phones, CCTV, RAID Systems and other types of commercial equipment.

    Data Recovery Support:

    Our Technical Support department is on hand 24x7 to answer any queries and also to provide specific incident support and consultancy.

    Data Recovery Solutions:-

  • Hard Drive Data Recovery.
  • Digital Data Recovery.
  • Raid Data Recovery.
  • Data Base Recovery.
  • Hard Drive Rebuild.
  • Technical Support.

  • Our portfolio, infrastructure, facilities and expertise are testimony to our commitment to the industry and we hope this will sustain our position as your supplier of choice in the field of Data Recovery Services and Solutions.

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