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NAS Evidence Data Recovery:


Computer Science Labs technicians recover data from NAS Systems using Forensic Methods and procedures.

Where an Exhibit NAS system is in a non working, faulty or damaged condition. Computer Science Labs implement and document "novel" repairs that facilitate the recovery of evidence data.
We repair and recover single/ partitioned failed hard drives and multi disk configured NAS RAID systems.

The vast majority of vendors ship with a Linux operating system typically EXT or XFS. Computer Science labs forensic evidence data recovery technicians have an expert knowledge of all file systems as used by the NAS manufacturers and are able to reconstruct corrupt and damaged file systems in order to re-gain access to your data, files and folders.

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Failed NAS

NAS boxes are now popular storage solution options for businesses and home users alike and are increasingly the subject and source of evidence data in criminal and civil matters. Computer Science Labs is "THE" industry leader when it comes to Evidence Data Recovery and System Restoration."

NAS Recovery:

There are many manufacturers and models of NAS boxes, Listed below are a few current models that Computer Science Labs have repaired and recovered data from;

Apple Time Capsule, Buffalo Linkstation, Buffalo Terastation, D-Link 4-Bay Network Storage Enclosure, HP MediaSmart Server, Infrant Ready NAS, Iomega NAS 100d, Iomega Storcenter Pro, Iomega Storcenter, Lacie Ethernet Disk, Lacie Ethernet Disk Mini, Linksys Etherfast, Linksys, Linksys by Cisco, Maxtor Central Axis, Maxtor Shared Storage Drive, Micronet Raidbank, Netgear Ready, NAS NV, Netgear Ready NAS, Netgear Ready NAS NV+, Netgear Ready NAS Duo, Sans Digital Mobile NAS, Seagate Blackarmor, Simpletech Simpleshare, Synology, Thecus, Vox Blackbox, Western Digital Sharespace.

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