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Mobile Phone Forensic Investigations

Mobile Phone Forensics cell site analysis

Computer Science Labs Forensic Investigation Team are skilled practitioners in the field of recovering, discovering and investigating data stored on Mobile Phone devices. Our analysts interrogate a vast range of devices from older generation feature phones, smart phones and tablets.

Mobile Phones now have a huge capacity to store information created by executable applications, location, call, SMS,
images and videos created by in-device cameras.

All this information has relevance in criminal and civil investigations.

Computer Science Labs comply with the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) Guidelines and use the latest mobile phone forensics examination equipment tools test gear and techniques.

Our forensic team of experts confirm that the extraction of the data is complete and correct, via a manual verification during each examination.

With over ten years experience in the field of digital forensics, Our investigations include reports and testimony.

We recover live and deleted information from mobile devices:

Device information
User accounts history
Call history
Application Chat Messages
Pics, Videos and Audio
Calendar events & alarms
Internet history & bookmarks
Location and Map Data
Docs and Application Data
Wifi History

Further bespoke information can also be recoverable from devices by request.

Preserving mobile phone evidence.

1. Stop using the Device.

Continued use of a mobile phone or tablet means vital data could be overwritten.

2. Power Off the Device

This will prevent the data coming from the network changing evidence on the phone. It also stops remote activity on the device, this may include remote wiping of the device

3. Contact Computer Science Labs

We will use advanced techniques and procedures and where necessary undertake detailed repair work prior to our forensic investigations.

Computer Science Labs mobile phone forensic data recovery and investigation services.

Computer Science Labs is an industry leader in the field of digital forensics. We have the expertise and specialist facilities and test equipment to retrieve data from mobile phones, including inaccessible and deleted data, texts, SMS, contacts, pictures and call logs. We also rescue data from memory cards installed in mobile phones.

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Mobile Phone Where-abouts Investigations

There are number of means to determine a time of day location of a mobile phone and during which an incident took place. This is sometimes referred to as cell site data was the only way to With a basic mobile phone device, examination of the network providers base station cell site data was the only means of determining a devices whereabouts. Smart phones however now have mapping and sat nav capabilities that can provide a more precise location co-ordinates thereby determining it's location within geographic parameters.
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