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Mobile Phone Forensic Investigations

Mobile Phone Forensics cell site analysis

Computer Science Labs is an industry leader in the field of digital forensics. We have the expertise, specialist facilities and test equipment to retrieve data from mobile phones, including inaccessible and in some cases deleted data, texts, SMS, contacts, pictures and call logs. We also rescue data from memory cards installed in mobile phones.

We are skilled practitioners in the field of extracting evidence data stored on Mobile Phones and Tablets that are damaged and faulty. Our technicians undertake remedial work and interrogate a vast range of devices from older generation feature phones, smart phones and tablets.

Our work is consistent with the Forensic Science Regulator recommendations regarding reporting, continuity and accuracy.

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Preserving mobile phone evidence.

Stop using the mobile phone or tablet as vital data can be overwritten or deleted. Remove the mobile account SIM card and power off the Device. This will preserve the evidence data stored on the phone.

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We will use advanced techniques and procedures and where necessary undertake detailed repair work prior to our forensic investigations.

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