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Computer Forensic Investigations.

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Computer Science Labs forensic team discover data stored on computers, servers, mobile phones, tablets and CCTV systems that can be used as evidence in criminal cases or matters of civil dispute.

We can assist in matters involving:

  • regulatory requests for information.
  • fraud, bribery, corruption etc.
  • disputes.
  • assertion or defence of claims.
  • data loss.
  • capturing and securing data.
  • reviewing + analysing data
  • electronic disclosure.

We provide for:

  • Case assessment, merits of an action or claim.
  • Evidence reviews.

Computer Forensic Investigators.

Our experts are trained to examine Hard Disk Drives, Memory Sticks, SSD's, Flash Memory Cards, Computer Systems, Laptops, RAID Servers, Network Attached Storage, CCTV, Mobile Phones and other forms of digital storage equipment using methods and procedures such that their findings where necessary will stand the test of evidence in a court of law.

We are experts in the recovery of deleted,damaged or inaccessible data from any computer related equipment, Desktops, Laptops, NAS, RAID Servers. Printers, Mobile phones, Tablets, IPads, USB's, External Hard Disk Drives and CCTV systems.

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Digital Forensic Investigation Procedures.

Computer Science Labs forensic analysis work is carried out to professional best practice with contemporaneous notes and records being maintained throughout.

All client matters, case-related communications, equipment, notes and associated records are securely stored and kept strictly confidential.

Computer Forensic Investigation Services.

We undertake laboratory based and on-site investigations and as a general rule we will apply the following stages in our project implementations.

  • Preliminary consultation.
  • Procedural advice.
  • Preliminary assessment.
  • Evidence acquisition.
  • On-site and laboratory investigations.
  • Contextual reviews.
  • Comprehensive detailed reports.
  • Witness Statement.
  • Expert testimony.

Initial Forensic Consultation.

The science of computing and the laws of evidence are complex we therefore insist that prior to any specific computer forensic investigation being initiated that a protocol for our engagement is established and that this protocol is fully understood and capable of being implemented by all the parties involved in the planned investigation. To achieve this we will consult with a client in order to:

  • Establish specific roles for individuals and organisations to undertake.
  • Identify where matters of evidence are likely to be located.
  • Undertake an intelligence review.
  • Establish systems and material that relate to the case.
  • Plan the acquisition of data and reporting of information.
  • Estimate timescales and costs.
  • Present formal terms of engagement and confidentiality.

Forensic System Audit, Evidence data Collection.

Following our initial consultation and given your authority to proceed, we will disarm systems and components making it improbable for subsequent changes to be made to their content or configuration. Data collection is then undertaken with applications whose use is de-facto in forensic investigations involving information stored on computers.

Securing Digital Evidence Items.

In matters of evidence it is mandatory that a strict "chain-of-custody" is followed and all items are preserved should third party or further analysis be required.

Forensic Evidence Data Recovery.

Computer Science Labs use applications to recover and duplicate the suspect media. Using the duplicate media our forensic experts will then investigate this for matters of evidence.

Forensic Evidence Data Analysis.

Our computer forensic analysts are always operating under the primary instruction and guidance of you the client or your legal counsel in any particular matter. Computer Science Labs experts are able to advise, interpret and piece together information for you in a comprehensive manner and detail a thorough account of events, computer usage and content. Using forensic image files our expert analysts investigate the media and its content including altered, damaged, removed, hidden or deleted data or data from inactive or unused storage areas on the media. They then provide an historical ledger of the relevant content contained in the files.

Expert Witness, Testimony and Reporting.

Once the investigation is complete we will support your case by preparing and submitting reports concerning the evidence found, and the means by which it was discovered. We will also provide data for affidavits or other pleadings, expert testimony and reports.

Forensic Case Termination and Secure Evidence Storage.

Computer Science Labs will terminate its involvement by submitting the total data collected in a readable format either electronic, “print for archive” or to an existing litigation support database upon request. We will then consult on the storage and preservation of evidence in the event of appeal or review etc.

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