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Computer Forensics Services, Hard Drives and RAID Servers

Computer Hard Drive Forensics hard drive forensics

Computer Science Labs has over sixteen years experience in providing computer forensic support services for solicitors, barristers, law enforcement, government agencies, military, business and individuals in discovering evidence from computer hard drives and RAID servers involved in criminal and civil cases.

Our technical experts undertake the discovery, extraction, analysis and representation of data in matters of:

• Fraud
• Pornography
• Arson
• Theft
• Assault
• Divorce
• Child Custody
• Tax Evasion
• Copyright
• Employment Law
• and more...

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Computer Forensic Services

Computer Science Labs use industry de-facto methods to collect, preserve, investigate, analyse and present information found typically on the following digital data storage devices: • Hard Disk Drives • External Hard Drives • Solid State Hard Drives. • RAID Configured Servers. • Cloud Storage • PC’s (Windows, Mac, UNIX, LINUX) • Laptops, Tablets and iPads (Windows, Mac, UNIX, LINUX) • USB sticks & Memory Cards

Business Sector.

Computer Science Labs provide help and support to businesses dealing with Computer Misuse, Intellectual Property theft, Employment matters, Misconduct Claims etc. In all cases Computer Science Labs are happy to consult and provide support during investigations, tribunals and court proceedings.

Law Enforcement.

Computer Science Labs work with a UK Police organisations providing leading edge assistance in discovering digital evidence where items under investigation are damaged, inaccessible or technically prohibitive. Computer Science Labs work closely with police forces to provide a cost-effective solution by offering value for money pricing when delivering the highest quality of work in line with Association of Chief Police Officers Guidelines for Digital Evidence.
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