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Forensic Science Regulations


Computer Science Labs continues in its development of methods and procedures that are compliant with the codes of conduct and practice for forensic science providers and practitioners in the criminal justice system that are now subject of scrutiny by the Forensic Science Regulator.

The office of Forensic Science Regulator was initially created without any statutory powers. The Forensic Science Regulator at time of press is Dr Gillian Tully. In her 2018 annual report, Dr Tully has now urged the UK Government to put the role of the Forensic Science Regulator on a statutory footing.

The Forensic Science Regulator

The Regulator has highlighted that a number of small forensic businesses have for financial reasons, not moved towards reaching the required standards.

For these reasons Dr Tully is urging the need for statutory powers so that the Regulator can ensure that all providers of forensic science deliver work to quality standards that are fit for the criminal justice system.

In support of this imperative Computer Science Labs has made significant progress to demonstrate objectively that our methods are scientifically valid and that our facilities are of adequate quality, that staff are competent and results fit for purpose.

In this we work closely with UK police force/s Digital Investigation Depts to ensure that the work we undertake for them is of a standard that will Support a prosecution within the Criminal Justice System.

Forensic Science Regulation 17025

Computer Science Regulator acknowledges the importance of the 17025 recommendations and has invested in significant upgrades to its facilities, operations and physical IT security to comply with these recommendations.

The Regulator is also considering incorporating advice on data security received from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) into the Codes of Practice and Conduct and asks for the forensic science community to comment on the proposal and/or identify any significant practical challenges to implementation. Making improvements to our operations ensures we are "Forensics Ready" in a challenging and rapidly developing market sector.

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NCSC Advice

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