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Computer Forensics Services Overview.

Forensic Examination of a Laptop

Computer Science Labs is an industry leading provider of digital forensic services. We specialize in the recovery of digital evidence from computers, mobile phones, CCTV systems and the like. We recover evidence data in criminal, civil and other matters for individuals, businesses, legal, public and private sector organisations.

Computer Science Labs, has assisted in hundreds of cases that include; computer crime, fraud, theft, computer misuse, misrepresentation, intellectual property, corporate governance, market abuse, arson, probate, standards in public office, terrorism, military matters, child abuse, pornography, money laundering,stalking, white collar crime, corporate fraud, to mention just a few. As examples, Greater Manchester Police use our services on a regular basis, Insurance providers such as AVIVA, Hawkins and Burgoynes use our professional services involving major claims investigations.

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Forensic Case Work Procedures.

We undertake work involving All devices that store data. Typically; Personal Computers, Laptops, Notebooks, Apple Macs, i-Pads, Mobile Phones, Solid State Drives, Memory Sticks, Camera SD cards, RAID Servers, Local Area Networks, CCTV Systems, Mail Servers and more. Unique to our services is that we repair and recover evidence data from damaged,faulty and unresponsive devices. Recording the detail of the actions we have undertaken to ensure evidence has not been compromised. We will assist in criminal matters including theft, arson, assault, damage to property,child abuse and internet crime. We act in civil matters of dispute, abuse, employment law, blackmail, copyright, intellectual property theft, industrial espionage, and many more.
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