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Data Storage Madia

We develop and provide Services specifically related to the application of non volatile data storage media and system hardware used in Computers, Laptops, Servers, NAS, SAN, CCTV Sytems and mobile phones, for example.

Data Recovery and Forensic Service Solutions

Our solutions are available to Data Recovery Service Providers, IT Support Companies, Computer Forensic Practitioners, Loss Adjusters, Security and Surveillance companies, Law Enforcement, MOD, Police Forces, Government, Public and Private enterprise and individuals. We provide our professional services and solutions to clients in order to recover data from damaged and inaccessible digital storage devices,components and systems. Typically Hard Disk Drives, Solid State Devices (SSD's), RAID Servers, Network Attached Storage (NAS) and smaller items such Flash Cards, USB memory sticks, Mobile Phones, Tablets, etc.

We reverse engineer and repair damaged or failed hardware components, both mechanical and electronic, in order to extract data that has been stored on them.

We specialize in the retrieval of data from systems that have been affected by storage media component failure typically RAID Servers, Network Storage, NAS., SAN., Cameras, CCTV Systems etc.

Computer Science Labs Customers.

We serve individuals, businesses, IT service providers,public and private sector organisations.

3D Hard Drive Storage Technology

Computer Science Labs Portfolio:

  • Computer and Digital Forensic Investigation Services.
  • e-discovery & civil litigation support.
  • Forensic Data Recovery.
  • Data Recovery Solutions.
  • Data Recovery Services.
  • Network Support Services.
  • Technical Support.

    Working with partner Universities enables Computer Science Labs Ltd., to maintain an active involvement in leading edge technology projects along with access to expertise, facilities and resources that complement our own imperatives and that of industry.

    By investing in research, facilities, technology and network infrastructure we are your service partner of choice.

    All our services are provided to international standards of quality and best practice and delivered directly to our clients or through partner and key account channels.

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